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The weather

The climate in Zarautz and along the Basque coast is mild. Daytime temperatures vary between 8ºC in summer and 12ºC in winter. If you’re thinking of coming in spring, don’t forget to bring clothes and footwear for the rain, just in case. In summer the days are warm, with a relatively high rate of humidity. Don’t forget to bring something lightweight for the rain. A jumper is always a good idea for the evening.

Below is a selection of links giving a weather report for Zarautz:

Poco nuboso (día)
  • 1 Sep 2014
  • Poco nuboso (día)
  • Ciudad: San Sebastian
  • Temperature: 18 ºC
  • Wind: 4.83 kmh
  • Humidity: 89 %
  • 2 Sep 2014
  • Min: 16
  • Max: 24
  • Soleado

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